We are The Renegades of Light

It is our mission to guide others through their healing journey, reuniting them with their light. Igniting the deepest remembrance of who they are and what their souls purpose is. Creating a community of light warriors to activate and raise the frequency of the planet. Assisting in the next stage of the evolution of our consciousness.

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Start your mornings off with this FREE grounding/higherself meditaion

This ten minute meditaion will take you on a journey to ground in with earth. Syncing your heart beat with Gaia, to breath in her ancient wisdom and sacred codes. Activating your divine channel by opening your 13 chakra systems. It is here where we connect with our Higherself. This open connection allows you to gain access to channeled information throughout the rest of your day.

We have offerings for everyone

Check out our selection of virtual courses, healings, 1:1 coaching containers, memberships, and in person events.


Virtual Courses

Our course library has a number of different options from, learning to consciously astral travel, activate your 13 chakra system, heal your mother & father wounds, protect and clear your energy, & more!



Book in a session for the akashic records, past life regression, intuitive reiki/light language healing, 1:1 coaching, astrology readings, & private guided astral travel 


Memberships In-person events

Come check out our online membership of conscious community. If you are looking to go deeper in a more intimate setting. We host in person retreats. These are powerful journey's of self discovery.

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Newly Awakening??

We understand that the process of expansion can be a bit scary and there are so many rabbit holes to get sucked down


This is why it is part of our hearts deepest desire to be a safe space for anyone to come and be held in their process. From group workshops and private 1:1 work to in-person experiences or self-guided courses we have made sure to provide a safe space for everyone on their spiritual journey. 

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What our clients are saying

We LOVE our clients are are so grateful for the work we get to do! 

Lindsay V. 

"This course (Remembrance) came at such a perfect time because I was actually doing a deep dive on the chakras on my own when I saw the launch of this course. They provided us with so much knowledge and tools to assist in chakra healing. No question we had was ever left unanswered. It was just a warm, inviting, welcoming community with them and all involved."

CheyAnne C.

"I have been navigating some deep rooted family roles. Morgan was able to guide me into my Records and do some intentional healing and clearing. It was a very beautiful experience. It’s given me a deeper understand and clarity on how to move forward on the present situation I’ve been navigating. Thank you Morgan"

Heather R. 

"I had an AMAZING session with Shylo. I was open and curious about the process of opening my Akashic records & Shylo was an incredible guide. She instantly puts you at ease and holds a safe space for you to connect to your deeper truths. In less than an hour I had some major breakthroughs that gave me permission to sink into myself more fully than ever before. If you you have been thinking about booking in a session with Shylo I highly recommend taking the leap. She is absolutely magical and so is the service that she provides."

I'm Morgan

Your Guide to all things inner child and shadow work

Integration coach and spiritual mentor. She is a modern day mystic helping you to reclaim your sovereignty by learning from your past lives and ancestral timelines. 

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I'm Shylo

Your Guide to the Astral Realms 

Shylo has felt a strong connection to spirit from a very early age. Astral traveling, activating portals, connecting with higher dimensional beings and much more. Shylo’s passion is to connect others to their multidimensionality, and teaching the true embodiment of higher self. It is within this realm of ancient wisdom where she will guide you to tap into the deepest remembrance of who you truly are.

She is a powerful channel for light language and works directly with many galactic beings to aid in the shift of our evolutionary consciousness. She has helped many to understand their gifts and deepen their connection with higher dimensional fields. 

Shylo's vision is to help guide you back to your light so you can embody the sovereign being that you came here to be. She believes deeply in this work and knows the power of women coming back together at this time. Holding the true vision of healing the collective consciousness together.

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